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Synk is a directory synchroniser - what might be more commonly known in the Unix world as a mirroring tool.

It's reason for existence is to create "connections" between directories, so that they can easily be kept in sync with each other. Synk will copy all the files from one directory to the other, and then when run at a later date it will copy only the new or changed files in order to synchronise the files in the two directories.


This is version 0.1 of Synk, but it already supports the minimum number of features needed to be a credible application. Lets focus on what it CAN do..

  • It can create one or two way connections between two URLs, over any protocol that KDE's KIO architecture supports.
  • It can synchronise these connections, copying only files that have a different modification date or size from those found locally, or those not present locally. It will not delete files that are not present on the remote server.
  • It will automatically save the list of connections when closed, and reload it when next started.

Known Issues:

  • It still lacks some configuration options.
  • Currently it does not manage to correctly copy the modification times for files copied from some (all?) remote sources.
  • Synk may crash/not work/destroy all of your files/install windows 95 or in some other way violate your computer. You have of course, no warranty.

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Installation Instructions:

First use the links on the left to download the package
Follow the following steps:
  1. Unpack the archive with
     tar -xzf synk-0.1.tar.gz 
  2. Change directory:
    cd synk 
  3. Configure:
    ./configure --prefix=/usr

    Replace /usr with the location of your kde installation. This option is in fact only needed on some systems - notably Mandrake Linux
  4. Compile the source:
  5. Install:
    make install 
  6. Run the program, either from the menus or with:

Bug reports:

If you want to report a bug, or want to request a feature, send it as an email to